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Rare Earth Pricing Bulletin - June 15, 2011 - the mismatch between demand and supply of Rare Earth ores continues to cause high volatility and increased prices of Rare Earth magnets.

Magnet Materials Tables of Properties and Technical Data Sheets
Magnet Materials – Technical Resources

Predict the surface flux density of a Permanent Magnet Rotor or Flywheel - with acknowledgements to Dr. Stefano Tizianel, Technical Director at Laboratorio Elettrofisico Eng in Italy, and inventor of the sinewave magnetization fixture, and SAT transverse flux magnetization coil. (Note: In the formula, Distribution is H for Halbach (sine wave) and R for Radial. In "R" condition you can consider the magnet covering the entire pole (Angle=1) or a partial pole (for example, Angle 0.5 if the magnets cover only half a pole, when, in other words, there is a large distance between magnets). The Position is the radius at which the flux density is calculated and plotted. The Position radius should be inside the air gap. (The Stator and Rotor are considered to have infinite permeability, and therefore not saturated.) The Stator and Rotor can be inverted by making Rs smaller than Rr; the value of Rm, must be between Rs and Rr.)
Aging losses - Shin Etsu data sheet showing aging loss over time of N38H material
Hydrogen embrittlement of Rare Earth magnets - presentation by Shin Etsu showing effect of Hydrogen on NdFeB and SmCo magnets
VAC presentation on corrosion on NdFeB magnet material
Shin Etsu notes on Epoxy Coating and Comparison of Coatings for NdFeB magnets

Recommended Reading

Advances in Permanent Magnetism - Parker
Permanent Magnet Design & Application Handbook - Moskowitz
Permanent Magnet Materials & Their Application - Campbell
Introduction to Magnetic Materials - Cullity
Introduction to Magnetism and Magnetic Materials - Jiles
Modern Magnetic Materials - O'Handley
Physics of Magnetism - Soshin Chikazumi
Ferromagnetic Materials Structure and Properties - McCurrie
Ferromagnetism - Bozorth
Magnetism Principles and Applications - Craik


Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers - using magnetic nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
Magnetic shielding solutions - Magnetic Shield Corporation, MuShield, Ad-Vance Magnetics
Treating pain with magnetics - National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and NIH report
Site with excellent on-line unit of measure conversions

Adhesives Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets for products often used in bonding magnets

3M 2214 - high fill epoxy good to about 250°F
Araldite 2021 - fast cure checmial resistant adhesive
Eccobond 285 - thermally conductive epoxy
Loctite 324 - quick cure cyanoacrylate adhesive
Loctite 325 - quick cure cyanoacrylate adhesive
Loctite 326 - quick cure cyanoacrylate adhesive
Loctite 331 - medium viscosity, environmental and chemical resistance
Loctite 332 - motor bonding applications
Loctite 334 - motor bonding applications
Loctite 392 - rapid cure for automated assembly
Loctite 7113 - activator for increased cure speed and fillet cure
Loctite E220IC - induction cure epoxy
Loctite guide to magnet bonding
Loctite Adhesives Design Guide for Electric Motors and Generators
MagnTac E645 - lamination stack adhesive
Morgan Everlube 10047 - organic coating for Rare Earth magnets

Fascinating Magnetics!

Magnetic levitation movies - interesting demonstrations using high magnetic fields for levitation
Ferrofluids - see how a ferrofluid behaves in a magnetic field

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